Journal Vol 25 No 1

Journal Vol 25 No 1

1 - 8 Wings of the common house fly (Musca domestica L.) importance in mechanical transmission of Vibrio cholerae

9 - 16 Toxicity study of Orthosiphon stamineus Benth (Misai Kucing) on Sprague Dawley rats

17 - 22 Fly artifact documentation of Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) - a forensically important blowfly species in Malaysia

23 - 29 Insect succession on a decomposing piglet carcass placed in a man-made freshwater pond in Malaysia

30 - 36 Prevalence and pathology of camel nasal myiasis in eastern areas of Iran

37 - 45 Effect of Allium sativum (garlic) diallyl disulfide (DADS) on human non-small cell lung carcinoma H1299 cells

46 - 57 Overexpression of WNT2 and TSG101 genes in colorectal carcinoma

58 - 63 Influence of mother VDRL titers on the outcome of newborns with congenital syphilis

64 - 74 A preliminary study of the bioactivity of vegetative proteins extracted from Malaysian Bacillus thuringiensis isolates

75 - 79 Determination of homozygous susceptible strain in Culex quinquefasciatus (Say), using single raft sib-selection method

80 - 86 Field evaluation of the bioefficacy of diflubenzuron (Dimilin®) against container-breeding Aedes sp. mosquitoes

87 - 92 Inferring the phylogenetic position of Brugia pahangi using 18S ribosomal RNA (18S rRNA) gene sequence (Research Note)

93 - 95 On the predation of fly, Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart) by a spider, Oxyopes sp. Latreille (Oxyopidae) (Research Note)

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