Journal Vol 28 No 3

Journal Vol 28 No 3

471 - 481 Targeting calcium homeostasis as the therapy of Chagas’ disease and leishmaniasis – a review

482 - 486 Effects of solvents and surfactants against Haemaphysalis bispinosa

487 - 496 Molecular characterization of Giardia parasite isolated from stool samples collected from different hospitals in Taif City (Saudi Arabia)

497 - 505 Rapid detection of pathogenic leptospires by lyophilized reagent-based Polymerase Chain Reaction

506 - 513 Optimization of the expression of surface antigen SAG1/2 of Toxoplasma gondii in the yeast Pichia pastoris

514 - 517 Seroprevalence of Neospora spp. in horses in South of Iran

518 - 523 A novel management method for disseminated intravascular coagulation like syndrome after a sting of Hemiscorpius lepturus: A case series

524 - 530 Life table of Synthesiomyia nudiseta (Van der Wulp) (Diptera: Muscidae) under uncontrolled laboratory environments – a preliminary study

531 - 544 The use of multiplex real-time PCR improves the detection of the bacterial etiology of community acquired pneumonia

545 - 556 Development of multiplex real-time PCR for the rapid detection of five bacterial causes of community acquired pneumonia

557 - 562 Intestinal parasitic infections in hosted Saharawi children

563 - 568 Application of amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis in identification of Acinetobacter baumannii from a Tertiary Teaching Hospital, Malaysia

569 - 576 Wolbachia endobacteria in a natural population of Culex quinquefasciatus from filariasis endemic villages of south India and its phylogenetic implication