Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards 2017 (TOYM2017)

Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards 2017 (TOYM2017)

Dr. Chen Chee Dhang (University of Malaya)
Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards 2017 (TOYM2017)
(Category: Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment)

The Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards (TOYM) program originated from Junior Chamber International’s Ten Outstanding Young People of the World (TOYP) program developed by Durwood Howes (Jaycees President, USA) in 1930. The JCI TOYM program was launched by Junior Chamber International Malaysia in 1985 and is leaping into 32th anniversary.

These awards aim to accord recognition to young Malaysians between the ages of 18 to 40, whose dedication to their profession or life’s undertakings has resulted in exceptional achievement, in the form of significant contributions to the progress or welfare of the community at large, and to the advancement of their respective field of endeavour.

Dr. Chen Chee Dhang, Senior Research Officer (Medical Entomologist) from University of Malaya, was awarded Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian 2017, in the category of Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment. This prestigious awards banquet was held at the Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa, Selangor on 9 September 2017. Total of 8 Honorees were recognized from 5 different categories. The remaining 5 categories had no recognition this year as the nominees did not meet the standard and requirement on the ISO Judging Criteria.

Ten categories of field of endeavour:

  1. Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment – 2 recipients
  2. Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment – No recipient
  3. Contribution to Children, World Peace or Human Right – No recipient
  4. Cultural Achievement – 2 recipients
  5. Humanitarian and Voluntary Service – 1 recipient
  6. Medical Innovation – No recipient
  7. Moral and/or Environmental Leadership – No recipient
  8. Personal Improvement and Accomplishment – 2 recipients
  9. Political, Legal and Government Affair – No recipient
  10. Scientific and Technological Leadership – 1 recipient

Dr. Chen Chee Dhang is a member of Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (MSPTM) since 2005. Currently Dr. Chen serves as Council Member of MSPTM (2016 – 2018). In addition, He also serves as Member of Editorial Board and Journal Production Manager for MSPTM’s official journal, Tropical Biomedicine.

The TOYM award was presented to Dr. Chen Chee Dhang, in the recognition of Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment, by YB Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong (Minister of Plantation Industry and Commodities), Dato’ Haji Ismail Nordin (Chief Judge TOYM2017), Ms. Dawn Hetzel (Junior Chamber International World President) and Ms. Nurul Huda (JCI Malaysia National President).