VOL 35 No 1 (Mar)

Journal Vol 35 No 1

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Page 001 - Serological evidence of high Leptospira exposure among indigenous people (Orang Asli) in Peninsular Malaysia using a recombinant antigen-based ELISA

Page 010 - Measurement of Ascaris lumbricoides IgG antibody, associated risk factors and identification of serum biochemical parameters as biomarkers of pathogenicity: among patients with gastrointestinal complains in Pakistan

Page 026 - Primary Conjunctiva Tuberculosis & Review of Literature

Page 032 - Screening of cystic echinococcosis and toxocariasis in rural inhabitants of Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran

Page 041 - A hypothetical oxidative stress regulatory role of alpha giardins in the protozoan parasite Giardia intestinalis

Page 050 - The killing in vitro effect of Half-Wave Rectified Sine electricity plus silver nanoparticle on Leishmania major promastigotes and BALB/C mice skin leishmanial lesion healing

Page 059 - First report of Chikungunya virus circulation during a dengue outbreak in Arunachal Pradesh, a Northeastern state of India

Page 067 - Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in Qassim region, Saudi Arabia: a comparative study

Page 076 - Prevalence of Cryptosporidium species isolated from diarrheic children in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Page 082 - A wide diversity of zoonotic intestinal parasites in domestic and stray dogs in rural areas of Kermanshah province, Iran

Page 091 - Analysis of the cox1 gene in Echinococcus granulosus from sheep in northeast Iran using PCR high-resolution melting (qPCR-HRM) curve analysis

Page 100 - Molecular identification and genetic diversity of Lutzomyia gomezi (Diptera: Psychodidae) using DNAbarcodes in Cordoba, Colombia

Page 111 - Seasons and socio-cultural practices affecting Aedes mosquito larvae in southern Thailand

Page 126 - Design of a dual-promoter expression vector harboring Sag1 and Gra7 genes from Toxoplasma gondii (RH strain)

Page 135 - Detection of mutated Plasmodium vivax Kelch Propeller Domain (PvK12) in Malaysian isolates

Page 140 - Prevalence and characterization of Trypanosoma species from livestock of Cholistan desert of Pakistan

Page 149 - Kytococcus sedentarius and Micrococcus luteus: highly prevalent in indoor air and potentially deadly to the immunocompromised – should standards be set?

Page 161 - Prevalence of foot and mouth disease virus in apparently healthy buffaloes brought to Islamabad slaughterhouse in Pakistan

Page 168 - Soil-transmitted helminthiasis among indigenous communities in Malaysia: Is this the endless malady with no solution?

Page 181 - Fasciolosis due to Fasciola hepatica in ruminants in abattoirs and its economic impact in two regions in Algeria

Page 188 - Metronidazole resistance in Trichomonas vaginalis determined by molecular and conventional methods

Page 195 - Phylogenetic background, drug susceptibility and virulence factors of uropathogenic E. coli isolate in a tertiary 

Page 205 - Low Seroprevalence of Torque Teno Virus in HCV positive patients and phylogenetic analysis from Pakistani isolates

Page 221 - Occult Hepatitis B virus Infection (OBI) predominated by genotype D among chronic liver disease patients: The first report from Odisha, Eastern India

Page 228 - GSK3β inhibition confers survival advantage in Burkholderia pseudomallei-infected hyperglycaemic mice by regulating inflammatory response

Page 239 - Efficacy of Antibiotics (Doxycycline and Kanamycin) against Japanese encephalitis virus infection

Page 246 - Low prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus colonization among dental students in a teaching hospital in Malaysia

Page 252 - Serovar diversity of Leptospira sp. infecting wild rodents in Sarawak, Malaysia

Page 259 - Prevalence and risk factors of intestinal protozoan infections in children (2–15 yr old) from Lorestan Province, western Iran

Page 267 - Parasites of stray and client-owned domestic cats in urban areas in Russia during 2000-2015 years

Page 280 - Obtaining and characterization of a recombinant LipL32 protein for detection of leptospirosis

Page 288 - Orbital ophthalmomyiasis caused by Chrysomya bezziana in Thailand

Page 293 - Molecular detection of Bartonella spp. in Malaysian small flying foxes (Pteropus hypomelanus)

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