Vol 34 No 4

Journal Vol 34 No 4

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746 - Review article - Dengue vector control in Malaysia: Are we moving in the right direction?

759 - Sensitivity of artemisinin towards different stages of development of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

770 - Prevalence and risk factors associated with intestinal parasitic infections among school children in Punjab, Pakistan

781 - Parasitological, pathological and immunological effects of Nigella sativa oil in experimentally Toxocara canis infected mice

795 - Ovitrap surveillance in Sarawak, Malaysia: A comprehensive study

804 - Identification of Brugia malayi in dogs in Kerala, India

815 - Immunoblotting analysis of canine Brugia malayi microfilarial antigens

822 - Qualitative detection of GB Virus C and Hepatitis C Virus co-infection in cirrhotic patients using a SYBR green multiplex RT-PCR technique

831 - Identification and molecular characterization of Echinococcus granulosus from domestic goat in Chittagong, Bangladesh

841 - Screening potential inhibitors of lactate dehydrogenase from Plasmodium knowlesi via virtual screening approaches

855 - Species composition and population dynamics of phlebotomine sand flies in a Leishmania infected area of Chiang Mai, Thailand

863 - Genetic characterization of human-derived hydatid cysts of Echinococcus granulosus in Lorestan Province, Western Iran

870 - Potential Use of Multiplex PCR in Diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis

877 - Detection of a carcinogenic liver fluke among migrant workers by three coprological concentration methods

886 - Association of TLR4 polymorphisms and polyomavirus BK infection in liver transplant patients

895 - The importance of Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction method in diagnosis of intestinal parasites in cases with diarrhea

903 - Prevalence, associated risk factors, and phylogenetic analysis of Echinococcus granulosus isolated from freerange Tibetan pigs in Tibet, China

911 - Diagnosis of Mycobacterial infections (Tuberculosis and Paratuberculosis) in tissue samples using molecular (inhouse multiplex PCR, PCR and TaqMan real-time PCR), histopathology and immunohistochemical

928 - Dengue virus serotypes and epidemiological features of dengue fever in Faisalabad, Pakistan

936 - Clinical and epidemiological studies on screwworm infestation in Qassim region, Saudi Arabia

944 - Investigation of viral and bacterial enteropathogens of diarrheic sheep and goats in Medina, Saudi Arabia

956 - Didilia sp. infecting Phlebotomus stantoni in Thailand

963 - Occurrence of gastro-intestinal parasites among small ruminants in Malaysia: highlighting Dicrocoelium infection in goats

970 - Infective endocarditis caused by Brucella melitensis: a case report highlighting the importance of history taking and laboratory analysis

977 - Clinical and therapeutic features of brucellosis: An 11-year study at a tertiary care hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

983 - First evidence of Mycoplasma haemocanis in China

991 - Molecular detection and genotyping of Anaplasma spp. and Theileria spp. infections in sheep and cattle from the northeast region of China

1000 - Cloning and characterization of recombinant Hc-CPL-1 from gastrointestinal nematode Haemonchus contortus isolate from goat (Capra hircus) population in Penang, Malaysia

1014 - Molecular identification of hemoplasma and piroplasma species from Rattus edwardsi based on sequences analysis of ribosomal DNA, China

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