The Sandosham Gold Medal

The Sandosham Gold Medal is named after the late Dr. A.A. Sandosham, L.M.S., M.D., Ph.D., A.M., retired Professor and Head of the Department of Parasitology, University of Malaya, Singapore (now the Faculty of Medicine University of Singapore). He was Principal of that University and also acted as its Vice-Chancellor for a period. Dr. Sandosham was the Society’s Founder Member, first President and first Honorary Member. He has made numerous valuable contributions to parasitology and tropical medicine in the Southeast Asian region.

The Sandosham Gold Medal represents the highest work of distinction that can be awarded by the Society. This Gold Medal is awarded every three years to outstanding Scientists for their achievement in the field of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine.

The Nadchatram Silver Medal

The Nadchatram Silver Medal is named after the late Dr. M. Nadchatram, A.M.N, MSc, MlBiol, FSL, FZS, Ph.D. Dr. Nadchatram was a world renown acarologist who had made numerous scientific contributions and discoveries of ecological and epidemiological importance in medical acarology. Dr. Nadchatram was the founding head of the Division of Acarology, Institute of Medical Research (IMR) and a WHO consultant. Following his retirement from the IMR in 1982, Dr. Nadchatram served at the National University of Singapore as a Senior Teaching Fellow from 1983 – 1988. Dr. Nadchatram was also the founder member of the MSPTM and became the 14th President in 1977. He also served as the Honorary Secretary in 1972.

The Nadchatram Silver Medal is awarded annually for Scientists 45 years and below for outstanding research in the field of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine.

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